Rare Pulps NFTs

Let's be honest, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are either the future of art and collecting...or a complete waste of time. Beeple (who is apparently a person) recently sold a piece of NFT artwork for $69M. So I figured I might as well create the very first rare pulp NFTs and find out the hard way whether this is silly or the future of pulp collecting. My bet is on silly. 

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique asset tied to the blockchain (in this case Ethereum) which represents a digital asset. The digital asset in this case is a 1/1 picture of a Rare Pulp from my collection. Only one will be created tied to each pulp. 

Why are you doing this?

When I read about NFTs and checked out the Opensea marketplace, I expected to see some really interesting stuff. Instead I mostly saw a sea of cat memes and dancing emoji. I figured that a digital representation of a really cool piece of history was worth throwing into the mix. To my (limited) knowledge, these are the very first rare pulp NFTs in existence so that's pretty cool. 

But mostly I wanted to experiment with blockchain without losing my life savings, and this felt like a fun way to share my passion for pulps with the world at the same time. 

What is a rare pulp NFT worth?

Probably nothing. Or 0.5 Ethereum. Likely something in between. The only way to find out is to make an offer :)

Ok, you've convinced me this is a bad idea. How can I buy it?

Check out my OpenSea NFT collection!

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